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Signs of Bed Bugs and Their Treatment

You might have heard the name of bed bugs at least once in your lifetime. It might send chills down your spine just thinking of an insect living in your bed, feeding off your blood. You may as well consider thinking about the question that is bed bugs bad?

Many of the early signs of having a bed bug infestation may be limited only to red bumps on the skin which could be ignored easily. However, there are many ways that bed bugs could destroy your health completely and cause health issues. Here are some of the things you need to know about these insects:

Signs of Bed Bugs and Their Treatment

Hemiptera Class

Bed bugs belong to the same insect order as whiteflies, water bugs, and aphids which are frequent agricultural parasites.Bedbugs are flightless insects that live solely on animal blood. Many kinds of these bad garden bugs chose to live with people. It is important to understand that bed bugs are a health hazard because they tend to transmit diseases from one place to another.

Effects on the body

Before getting into what they do to your body, we need to know what are the target places in which they attack. Generally, bed bugs may bite on the part of your body that is not covered by clothes, like your face, hands, legs, or arms. But that does not necessarily mean that they will not attack anywhere else. You always need to keep a lookout if there are any unwanted rashes or blisters on your body to identify if you have bed bugs or not.

You can develop 2 kinds of symptoms. Early ones and the later more serious ones.

Early Symptoms

The early symptoms revolve around itching on the parts where the bed bugs have bitten. It is possible to have an allergic reaction to them. These parts may become swollen and red and very prominent. They may cause you to become uneasy and unsettled. The essential thing to do is to look for the center. You might notice that it would be raised a little and could be a little darker in color. If you inspect your skin closely, you might see a few eruptions as well as red small stains onto the cloth where you were lying.

Late Symptoms

Late symptoms may include infectious hazards to the skin, you may run a fever and feel extremely nauseated. There is a possibility of cardiac arrhythmias along with fatigue. Your immune system may be severely under attack.

How bad are bed bugs?

As discussed previously as well, there is no doubt that even the question is bed bugs are bad is irrational since there are so many side effects to a simple bite. There is no doubt that there could be adverse effects to a bed bug bite and hence our health could be affected drastically. Take a look here at topshealthytips.

Having bed bugs inside your home could be a living nightmare. Our physical health is not the only thing that is affected by it. Think about it; could you ever live in a home knowing that anywhere you sit, there could be bugs that could potentially bite you? People who have reported living with bed bugs have reported a lot of incidences where they did not sleep all night and were diagnosed with insomnia. Other than that, living under the constant fear that even though you might have cleaned everything, there might be some that could have been left? That feeling alone could cause severe anxiety issues overall. So when discussing the severity of having bed bugs in your house, always consider these facts.                                                                                                                                                    

Prevention of risk factors

In order to prevent your house to be infected with them, these are a few methods related to how you could get rid of bed bugs.

1.Enclose all your mattresses and sofas if there is even a remote possibility that you could have these pests. When you do this, the bed bugs will starve and eventually die.

2.Whenever you come back from a trip, try to put your bags away from beds, sofas, or any mattresses. This way, even if you are carrying this insect, it will not be transferred from your bed to inside your home.

3.Try to disinfect on a regular basis.

4.Call a professional if you suspect an infestation.


These bad garden bugs could become your worst nightmare and it is essential to take precautionary steps in order to avoid any complications that may occur in the future. In order to avoid allergies, you can take any anti-allergy medication along with anti-histamines. You may even go for an IV corticosteroid or hydrocortisone if the late symptoms develop. For severe infections. Doctors may suggest taking antibiotics since our immune system gets compromised.


All in all, it is important to take precautionary measures at an early stage in order to avoid complications in the future. Essentially, one should try to gather as much knowledge as possible regarding how you could get rid of bed bugs your home gets infested. You should take good care of cleanliness to avoid any hazards beforehand. However, even if you take all precautions, there could be a chance that these tiny insects could make it inside your home. If something like that happens, always call a professional.

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