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Best Fruits for Weight Loss

Fruits is nature made packed with vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients that help a healthy diet.

Fruits is also generally low in calories and high in fiber, which help you lose weight.

In fact, eating fruits is linked to lower body weight and lower risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, and heart diseases.


Best Fruits for Weight Loss

Here are Best Fruits to Eat for Weight Loss.



Apple comes in the first place among the fruits that reduce weight.  Apples are rich in fiber which help to increase the metabolism of the body.



Watermelon is also a high-fiber fruit and has a lot of water in it.  This is the reason why watermelon proves to be very helpful in reducing weight.



Calorie is an important cause of obesity and calories are very less in oranges.  An orange contains only 40-50 calories.  This fruit also fills stomach and doesn't increase calories.



Guava is rich in Vitamin C.  Along with this, there are many such elements which keep stomach diseases away.  This keeps obesity under control.



This fruit is rarely found in India but it is used all over the world to reduce weight.  It is also rich in Vitamin C.



This fruit found throughout the year keeps our digestive system clean.  It contains fiber and many such elements that help in reducing fat by increasing metabolism.  Eating a plate of papaya salad in the morning keeps the stomach cool and light throughout the day.



Pears also contain fiber like other weight loss fruits, as well as vitamin C, magnesium, copper etc.  Eating one pear daily is considered good for reducing weight.



Avocado is easily available in India nowadays.  The monosaturated fat found in this fruit is the only element that keeps cholesterol and blood sugar under control.



Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants.  It also helps in reducing appetite.



Most people use banana to gain weight, but it is also a fact that eating banana also helps in reducing weight.  Eating a banana after a heavy workout will give you instant strength and it also quenches hunger.



 Coconut fruit can be used in many other ways.  You can take coconut milk instead of cow or buffalo milk, massage with its oil can reduce fat tissue and drinking its water accelerates metabolism and reduces fat quickly.

Along with the above fruits, tomatoes, cantaloupe, peach etc. are also helpful in reducing weight.

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