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How to Keep Yourself Healthy, Happy and Motivated

As we know health and fitness is the key to a long, active and happy life.  It has been said that health is the only wealth that a person can maintain.  Being healthy and fit means taking good care of your body in simple words.  We must remember that a healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. Good health of both mind and body helps to maintain the level of energy needed to be successful in life.  That's why we all should try to achieve good health.

How to Keep Yourself Healthy, Happy and Motivated
As far as happiness is concerned, happiness is such that we cannot postpone it for our future, rather we prepare it for our present. Healthy tips can remain happy, so first of all what we have to do is that we should know how to keep ourselves healthy.  Who among us would not want to be happy all the time, we all want to be happy all the time, but there are some times where it becomes difficult for us to be happy.  And whenever we get stuck in such difficulty, then its solution is that we should end our dependency on others and depend on ourselves and we should help ourselves.

So let's Know Some Ways by Adopting Which We Can Remain Healthy, Happy and Motivated.

Make  Your Diet Chart

It is difficult to follow the diet chart due to changing lifestyle and busy routine.  But diet chart helps a lot in keeping you away from diseases.  Eating according to the diet chart does not cause fatal diseases like obesity, diabetes, acidity, blood pressure, cancer.

If you are making a diet chart, then make it according to the season.  For example, water and other liquids should be more in the summer season.  Meat and dairy products can also be included in winter.  Apart from this, include seasonal and green vegetables in the diet chart.  Let us see how you plan your diet.

Early in the Morning – Avoid eating too heavy in the beginning of the morning.  You can take a glass of milk with cream, apart from this, you can also eat 3-4 almonds with milk.

9 o'Clock in the Morning - This is the time for breakfast, most people start their work at this time.  For breakfast, you can take sprouted grains, a plate mix or vegetables and roti.  Along with this, green tea or a glass of juice will also be beneficial.

Afternoon i.e. Lunch - 12 noon is the time for lunch.  You can eat food at this time.  Including two chapati squares, one bowl of peeled lentils, half a bowl of rice, one bowl of green vegetables, one bowl of curd, one bowl of salad, one plate will be beneficial for your health as well as they contain plenty of nutrition which keeps the body healthy.  .

Between Three or Four o'Clock - about three hours after having lunch, a light breakfast should be done.  For this, one cup of tea, one plate or two biscuits, any seasonal fruit can be taken.

Night i.e. Dinner – You can take lunch like dinner in dinner.  Do not include rice in large quantities in dinner.  Take lentils, two chapatis, light rice, a cup of curd and a plate of salad in it.  Dinner should be taken about three hours before sleeping, due to which the food gets digested well and there is no stomach problem (constipation and acidity).

Don't Forget to Exercise

Exercise is one of the most important aspects in staying or becoming fit.  Experts recommend that you should be active for at least 30 minutes every day.  Try to schedule your exercise the same way you schedule other appointments and commitments.

Make Exercise Your Habit

If you do it regularly then you will see the most benefits from the exercise.  A good way to stick to this habit is to choose an exercise that you enjoy. If you love swimming, make it a point to swim twice a week.

Make it Easy to Stick With Your Routine

If you are doing any exercise, then in the beginning adopt such an exercise which is easy to do.  That it was getting difficult to handle it. That's why we should start in a light way first so that we can stick to it.

Use  Technology - Use Gadgets that Can Track Your Movement

Don't give up - it usually takes 20 to 30 days to make a habit of any work.  Keep exercising, and you'll see it become a natural part of your day in a few days.

Get Used to Getting Out

Exercising outside also has positive benefits for your mental health.  In some reports, it has come to the fore that people who exercise both inside and outside enjoy them more, so you should also try to exercise both inside and outside if it is possible. And there is a park to exercise outside.  good place.

Don't Skip Your Breakfast

We have heard many times that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  And this is completely true too.  This is the first meal of the day.  This is the first meal after seven to eight hours of sleep.  And so its importance becomes even greater.  What you eat for breakfast affects your activities throughout the day.  Whenever we are short of time, we first skip breakfast.  We do not consider it necessary.  We feel that our work can go on even without having breakfast.  But, in reality, breakfast is very important, by not doing it, we do a lot of damage.

Keep Yourself  Hydrated

Make sure to drink water throughout the day to stay hydrated.  If you do not drink water properly, then it can also become the reason for your loss of appetite.  So include water in your routine and make a habit of drinking more and more water.

Take Care of Sleep

Sleep has the first effect on your health.  Due to lack of sleep or getting less sleep, it also affects metabolism, mood and memory.  Getting enough sleep brings new energy to your body.  So get enough sleep.

Don't Overeat

You must have often seen that many people do not give up food even after getting full, they think that only eating more gives good health but it is not so.  Never overeat, always leave some empty space in the stomach.  This has a good effect on your health and helps you stay healthy.

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So by adopting these habits, you can improve your health and these habits will also help you to maintain your good health.

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