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10 Wondrous Techniques, Adopt and be Happy

1. Power of self-power:

Do yoga or do any other work of life. The power of self-confidence or say that it is necessary to have strong mental health, then only one can easily get success in every task. The power of self-confidence remains so powerful that sometimes by looking into the eyes of a person, his self-confidence is broken.

How to get the power of self-power: Apart from following Yama and Niyama, the power of self-confidence is attained by exercising restraint on friendship, mudita, compassion and neglect etc.

10 Wondrous Techniques Adopt and be Happy

2. Fasting Siddhi:

By exercising restraint in the follicle of the throat, hunger and thirst are retired, that is, hunger and thirst are not felt.  It is also called Hadi Vidya in some areas.  This knowledge is found in mythological books. On attaining this knowledge, a person does not feel hunger and thirst and he can live for many days without eating or drinking.

By exercising restraint in the kurmanadi of the throat, stability and non-attachment are accomplished.  In the larynx, there is a nadi of the Kachhapa shape. It is called Kurmanadi. The hole in the throat, through which air and food pass into the stomach, is called a larynx. It is because of this follicle and pulse of the throat that hunger and thirst are felt.

How to get this knowledge: In order to achieve restraint in this throat follicle, it is necessary to practice pranayama and physical fasting daily in the beginning.


3. Strong body:

It is said that there is a body, then everything is there. First happiness and healthy body. If the belly has come out, then understand that you are torturing the body.  Yogasanas can be practiced to make the body healthy and strong. Before this diet moderation is necessary.

It is mentioned in the yoga scriptures that by practicing pranayama, a person becomes strong by exercising restraint in the force. Powerful means that whatever force you desire, that kind of force is attained at that time as if it needs elephant power, then it will be attained.

How will this power be obtained: Along with dietary restraint, do pranayama while doing yoga asanas. Slowly feel that the force is accumulating in the body.  This power, which is governed by thinking, is called force restraint. You must have seen that the people who break hundreds of bricks with their hands do the work of filling the force in the first hands. This is what is called restraint in force.


4. Stability Power:

The mind, body or mind remains restless due to some reason. Mental stress also causes instability in the body and mind.  Stability of body and mind is necessary, otherwise failure is found in every field of life, other types of disciplines also cannot progress.

How to get the power of stability: In Kurmanadi, there is stability due to restraint.  In the larynx, there is a nadi of the Kachhapa shape. It is called Kurmanadi. The hole in the throat through which air and food pass into the abdomen is called a larynx.

A small experiment: Sit in Siddhasana and close the eyes. Now stabilize your tongue completely. Second, you can also meditate by sticking the tongue to the palate.


5. Udana Shakti:

On the victory of Udana Vayu, the yogi does not touch water, mud, pebbles and thorns etc. and even death is under control.

How to prove Udana Vayu: The one which is wider from the throat to the head is the Udana Vayu. This siddhi can be achieved by cultivating this air through pranayama. With the attainment of Udana Vayu, the life of a person starts getting longer, the light of the eyes also increases, the senses of hearing also become strong.


6. Language accomplishment:

Knowledge of many types of language is necessary nowadays. The knowledge of the language itself expands your knowledge very fast. The person should have knowledge of at least 5 languages. The language of human beings is fine, but if you start knowing the language of all beings, then...

How To Achieve Language Achievement: The potential of our brain is infinite.  The close relation between words, meaning and knowledge, by controlling its departments, becomes 'knowledge of the speech of all beings', that is, by controlling sound its meanings can be known.


7. Community Knowledge Power:

It is necessary to have knowledge of the situation inside and outside the body. This help in keep your body healthy and young for a long time.

How to get this knowledge: By exercising restraint on the navel chakra, the yogi becomes aware of the communities located in the body, that is, which horoscope and where the chakra is and how is the position of other parts or parts of the body, a person having such knowledge The body becomes capable of healing itself.


8. Tejpunj Shakti:

After receiving Tejpunj Shakti, the person's body starts glowing like gold. He feels a good feeling by being completely healthy.

How to get this knowledge: By controlling the same air, the body of the yogi becomes luminous.  The air that is spread far and wide around the navel is called equal air. This air can be controlled by yogasanas, pranayama and meditation.


9. Chitta Gyan Shakti:

New and old negative feelings and thoughts become the instincts of our mind which have a bad effect on the body and mind.

How to get it: By exercising restraint in the heart, the yogi gets the knowledge of the mind.  All kinds of sanskars and memories, new and old, reside in the mind.  Knowledge of the mind reveals the power of the mind.


10. Karma Siddhi:

Sopkram and Nirpakram- By restraint on these two types of actions, the knowledge of death is attained. Sopkram means such actions whose results are immediate and nirpakrams, whose fruits are delayed.


How to achieve this siddhi: By Kriya, Bandha, Neti and Dhauti karma, karma is accomplished and knowledge of past and future is attained.

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